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Lateral Violence in the Workplace

What is Lateral Violence?

Lateral Violence is gossiping, rumours, sabotaging and back-stabbing. Lateral Violence is a destructive force that creates unhappy and unhealthy workplaces. It is rooted in colonization yet the solutions lie within each of us.

The impacts of Lateral Violence include lack of trust, lack of safety, high absenteeism and turnover - and reduced quality of service.

Is Lateral Violence an issue at your workplace? If you think the answer might be "yes", then please call or email anytime to discuss how Burrows Consulting might be able to help.

Lateral Violence Workshops and In-service Customized Training

Neil Burrows, RSW (Clinical Therapist and Certified Mediator) and Joanne Mills, RSW (Aboriginal Health Manager and member of the Cree Nation) are available to deliver on-site Lateral Violence workshops and customized training.

The Lateral Violence workshop is a two day course covering:

  • What is Lateral Violence and where does Lateral Violence come from?
  • Who commits acts of Lateral Violence and why?
  • Where and when does Lateral Violence start? When and where does Lateral Violence stop?
  • How do we prevent Lateral Violence in our workplace?

Through a series of interactive exercises and discussions in the workshop, we will look at how Lateral Violence is affecting us and how we can take steps to restore harmony in the workplace.

Often, we provide Policy Review / Development specific to Lateral Violence as a "next step" for groups ready to instill sustainable positive change in their work environment. This reduces the risk of lowered productivity, staff turnover, excessive use of sick time, and WCB / Insurance claims.

Lateral Violence Prevention: Train the Trainer Program

Recognizing the Lateral Violence continues to be an issue in organizations and communities across Canada, we have partnered with the Good Medicine Group to create this exciting new program. Consistent with our shared belief that the keys to wellness are within a community, we have developed the Lateral Violence Prevention: Train the Trainer Program. This highly interactive small group format ensures a safe learning environment, individualized care and attention, and a resource package for new facilitators that is unsurpassed!

Helping Communities Help Themselves

Call or email us today about bringing the Lateral Violence Prevention: Train the Trainer Program to your community or organization.

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